4-H History Preservation Newsletter
August 2015

Most Washingtonians (DC types) leave town in August because of the heat, but your 4-H History Team is still here!

Record Amount of 4-H Enrollment

What activity expanded 4-H enrollment to over seven million in the 1970s? Want an easier question? OK, what put 4-H in the Comic Book business? Same answer.

People Who Made 4-H Great

We start a new 10-month series featuring “People Who Helped Make 4-H Great!” Reprints from 1962 National 4-H News highlight the significant contributions of individuals whose leadership formed and strengthened the program.

Entrepreneurship in 4-H Clubs

“Hands-on History” this month is about entrepreneurship activities your club can take on. Make money for an important goal just like 4-H clubs have done for decades.

Corn Clubs at 1904 World’s Fair

The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition (sometimes known as the 1904 World’s Fair) was the site of a significant 4-H exhibit. What would Illinois 4-H want to show the world?

National 4-H History Map Unveiled

4-H’ers from seven states recently unveiled their National 4-H History Map to 16,000 cartographers from 120 countries. Have you decided which people, places or events you want to memorialize on the 4-H History Map?

Mulligan Stew Made 4-H Television History

Member project book for television viewers. The

Member project book for television viewers.

The sweltering heat is not a deterrent; 4-H continues to build and honor its history! Enjoy this issue.