Five Years Old and Growing Strong!

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the National 4-H History Preservation Program, and what an invigorating period it’s been! We look back at some of the program’s accomplishments during that time and marvel at the outstanding cooperation we’ve received from all organizations we’ve worked with, and the collaborative efforts of the nearly 100 volunteers whose dedication continues to inspire us.

History Flashbacks: 1919 and 1938 news articles document career moves of important 4-H pioneers, O. H. Benson and A. B. Graham. Another article in the Farm Boys’ and Girls’ Leader recognized a Montana club, as the first in the state to meet national requirements for a “Standard Club.” Did you know there was such a thing?

And a look to the future: since history is made every day, the future of the 4-H History Preservation Program is never-ending. What do we see ahead? What do you see ahead?

“Hands on History” raises the importance of 4-H record-keeping, and “Voices of 4-H History” brings us up-to-date on various state activities, as well as plans for the 2014 National 4-H FilmFest.

2014, a year of notable anniversaries, is off to a rousing start for the History Team; we hope it’s the same for you! Happy New Year and enjoy this issue.

One of the first known visual aids trucks that helped extension workers take farm and home science to the youth and adults in rural areas following the passage of the Smith-Lever act and for years to come. Note that the movie projector behind the truck ran off of the car’s generator to show educational movies in the darkened school buildings. This project combined the two wonders of automobiles and moving pictures to awed youngsters and adults alike. This pioneering venture in visual education was a success from the start!