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“I’m not aware of any youth program anywhere that contributes more to the training for future leadership and to give constructive activity to young people than 4-H” – Joseph “Joe” Robbie, General Manager and Owner of the Miami Dolphins and 1986 National 4-H Alumni winner.

From National 4-H History Preservation program. http://4-HHistoryPreservation.com info@historypreservation.com

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4-H Quote – Will Rogers 1934

4-H Quote – Will Rogers, 1934

“I was down to the Los Angeles Livestock Show, and saw these hundreds of farm boys that had fattened and cared for acalf, or pig, or sheep, themselves. It’s a thing called the 4-H Club. Somebody was inspired wheh they founded that. It’s all over the country. By golly, they are a great bunch of kids , and they have some fine stock.”
Will Rogers, 1934

From National 4-H History Preservation Program. info@4-Hhistorypreservation.com

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