4-H History Preservation Newsletter
June 2015

Summer officially starts in just a few days, typically the busiest season for 4-H.
The run-up to summer is just as busy, as you’ll see in this issue.

4-H Travel

Travel has long been a key part of the 4-H learning portfolio at county, state, national and international levels.  The 1959 Iowa to Kentucky 4-H exchange is what led to creation of the national Citizenship Short Course.  This month’s “Hand-on 4-H History” activity brings travel to the club level.

4-H Pledge and Motto

You certainly know the 4-H Pledge and Motto.  But do you know what year they were both officially adopted?  Hint: it was at a National 4-H Camp.

Kidnapped by 4-H’ers

Indiana Travelers Kidnapped by 4-H’ers!” is an unlikely headline.  But read (and chuckle) about how Georgia 4–H members learned hospitality and treated tourists to a fun-filled weekend in 1953.

31CampBlackWhite_600The entire National 4-H Camp delegation visited President and Mrs. Hoover at the White House on June 23, 1931.

Map Your 4-H History

Do you know where your county’s first 4-H club started?  Is that site on the online National 4-H History Map?  Find out how to make sure that part of your history is recorded electronically for posterity.

FilmFest 4-H

Teen film-makers gather again this year for 2015 FilmFest 4-H in St. Louis.  Professionals from the film industry help young people hone their cinematic skills in this fifth annual celebration of youth-made films – without the popcorn.  4-H History is a category for the competition.

We know you’re also busy with summer work (garden?) and plans (vacation?) but take a few minutes off and enjoy this issue!