Help Needed with History of Urban 4-H Programs

The 4-H History Preservation Program Team for Urban 4-H Programs really needs your help! You can do it directly, or suggest someone else who can help, and provide their contact information to us.

We are writing the general history of 4-H’s urban programming but want to include as many vignettes on specific urban programs as we can get because their histories, their approaches were so different from one another.

We are seeking one, two or three pages of history on your urban program: How did it get started? How was your targeted audiences reached? How were volunteers recruited? What programs and activities were offered? What was the program staffing and funding structure? What was the program’s relationship with the schools? Were city leadership and local media supportive? Were you able to recruit local donors? In what ways was the program different from other urban 4-H programs? How has the program done since it was established? How is the program today?

We would welcome any photos or other materials you may care to share. Or, like in a few cities, your urban 4-H program history may already have been written; if so, can we get a copy?

If you have 4-H programs in your urban areas, their history needs to be shared. When our team has completed its task, make sure your state isn’t missing. Contact:

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