4-H History – We Need Your Help

4-H has a rich history – an important history. For those who have worked in Extension or had an affiliation with 4-H in some other way over the years, we need your assistance and your recollections. For those just getting started in your 4-H careers, the more you can learn about history, the better you can understand and perform your 4-H responsibilities.

Unfortunately, much of 4-H’s important history has either been lost, destroyed, or is buried in archives difficult to access by the general public. A group of volunteers – mostly retired state and national 4-H extension professionals or retired from National 4-H Council – are striving to reverse this situation. the team is retrieving and researching 4-H archival materials and writing about relevant 4-H history, particularly at the national level. the history website and digitization program is already providing access to hundreds of 4-H books, reports, newsletters, films and oral histories.

A new section on the history website: http://4-HHistoryPreservation.com pulls together all of the ways that you can help. Click on “Ways You Can Help” on the menu bar on the left side of the home page.

o Read the `We Need Your Help’ one-page flier; print it out to share with friends who may be interested.

o Review the list of contributors. Make a donation. You can designate specific projects in need of funds; and, can also honor a designated friend, colleague or relative who had or has a special interest in 4-H history.

o Check out the section `Things We Are Looking For’ and the `Help Us Tell a Story’ section… your recollections of 4-H camp, 4-H and one-room schools, 4-H fair, international 4-H program, National 4-H conference, National 4-H Sunday, 4-H television series, urban 4-H programs, Native American 4-H activities, war-time 4-H support and much more.

o While our volunteer team and volunteer consultants are busy workers, we need many more people providing their recollections, their expertise, and their contributions to accomplish our goals.

o We hope you will join us. We Need Your Help. From National 4-H History Preservation Team. info@4-HistoryPreservation.com

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