Tell Us YOUR 4-H Story

The National 4-H History Preservation Team and our expanding group of 4-H history volunteer consultants, are busy continuing to research and document all facets of 4-H history at the national level. While most of us are retired, and as a group, represent well over 1,000 years of 4-H experience, there still are many aspects of 4-H history where we need additional help – particularly from those who for a number of years worked (or are now working) in 4-H as professionals or volunteers.

 If you would like to help us, please contact us at

 While we would welcome your help in writing some of the national 4-H history segments, simply sharing your recollections, or reviewing copy on a particular section that others have written, would also be helpful.

 Perhaps you served on the committee for the National 4-H Dress Revue, or National 4-H Awards Judging Committee; helped plan National 4-H Conference, National 4-H Commodity Marketing Symposium or National 4-H Dairy Conference; maybe you were involved in Volunteer 4-H Leader Forums, had an IFYE experience or were a host family; perhaps your programming experiences included work in urban 4-H programs, or Native American 4-H, after school programs or working on military bases. We need help in documenting stories in all of these areas and many more. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

 National 4-H History Preservation Team.