4-H a ‘Career Starter’ for TV Program Host

The following story is from the National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility on the National 4-H History website — http://4-HHistoryPreservation.com/History/4-H_Promotion/

During a major 4-H push with urban programming in the 1960’s, a local television station in Indianapolis – Station WLWI (now WTHR) – created a weekly 4-H Saturday morning show called “Clover Power.” The show host was a young David Letterman, later to become a late night network talk show host. Letterman attended National 4-H Congress in Chicago, covering the Indiana delegation for his “Clover Power” show.

With Mr. Letterman retiring from his role hosting the David Letterman Show on the CBS network we wish him all the best in retirement and in whatever future endeavors he may pursue. (We are always in need of volunteers for the 4-H History Preservation Program.)Button_Clover_Power