Hands-on 4-H History – The Birds of Spring

The following story is from the March 2016 issue of the 4-H History Preservation Newsletter

If your club has a woodworking leader or member, you can learn to make your own bird houses for our feathered friends. Invite a speaker from a local Audubon Society or bird watchers’ club to speak to your group about the birds in your area. Take a trip to a local park or wildlife refuge to observe the birds. Bring your mobile device and do citizens’ science with an app to identify and catalog the birds that you see.

Although you can no longer win the Farm Boys’ and Girls’ Club Leader Bird Club Contest, members can write stories and take photos of the birds that you see to share at your club meeting. You might even have your own contest and award small prizes, just like they did for the 4-H boys and girls back in 1921.



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