Why a National 4-H Film Festival?

The following story is from the January 2016 issue of the 4-H History Preservation Newsletter

As we think about harnessing “Voices of 4-H History,” we know that today’s young people must be prepared to live and work in a world that no one completely envisions. They must be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, and solving problems that haven’t been identified. FilmFest 4-H helps youth become producers – and not just consumers – of digital media.

Creating something real from one’s imagination is a powerful experience. It motivates many creative young people to develop their talents, and drives them to master skills with technologies old and new.

When a young person finds that interest that drives them, and explores it in an enriching environment that supports further growth, great things happen. Research shows that these young people tend to become more optimistic, have a larger sense of purpose in life, and develop stronger self-esteem.


If that passion is film making, however, the options for teens are very limited. Opportunities to nurture their talents are usually priced out of reach, if they can be found at all. While all will face the future, these teens will approach it on a different trajectory than those who found enriching environments that helped them develop their “sparks.”

It’s not too early for 4-H staff to start preparing youth to prepare entries and or prepare to attend the 2016 National FilmFest 4-H in Kansas City, Missouri, July 31 – August 3. Learn more about the idea and the program and watch top finishers from the past few years at: http://4h.missouri.edu/go/events/filmfest/

Bradd L. Anderson – Missouri State 4-H Youth Development Specialist


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