4-H History Preservation Newsletter
November 2015

November is Thanksgiving, Veterans’ Day, voting, and Christmas/Holiday Prep.

We’re all thankful for 4-H and we remember with honor the veterans who helped guarantee our many freedoms, including the freedom to vote (did you?). Christmas/Holiday Prep, well, let’s push that into next month!

Each year, this month, Veteran’s Day has special meaning. We feature individuals and groups with a 4-H identity. Of course, many more 4-H alumni deserve to be honored and remembered for their service to the US; these are but a few.

A school superintendent from Ohio instilled scientific curiosity in his students and formed “experiment clubs” to keep them involved. 4-H Clubs evolved, using educational materials this pioneer encouraged from his USDA colleagues. One of our continuing series featuring people who helped make 4-H great.

By all accounts and on all levels, 2015 NAE4-HA in Portland was a great success. 4-H History Preservation team encouraged nominations to the National 4-H History Map, and collected countless sites which will be vetted for inclusion.

There’s a lively controversy about when “urban 4-H” actually started. But what year did the National 4-H Foundation announce a study, funded by the Ford Foundation, to document that expansion of 4-H?

Take a break in your Thanksgiving preparations, give fleeting thought to your Christmas or Holiday preparations, and enjoy this issue.

National 4-H Calendars

Novemver 2, 1936 one calendar company was issued permission by USDA to produce 4-H Calendars. The first and the latest calendar art that National 4-H Council owns for which we have found documentation are pictured here. One appeared on a 1951 National 4-H calendar and the other appeared on a 1975 National 4-H calendar.

1951 4-H Calendar Art

1951 4-H Calendar Art

1975 4-H Calendar Art

1975 4-H Calendar Art


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