Connecting with 4-H History

The 4-H National History Preservation website, located at History_Logo, contains historical information on 4-H from its’ beginning at the start of the 20th century through today.

The History Program uses multiple social media sites to help make it easier to research 4-H History.

Social Media


As mentioned above, when a new article is released to the News Service, it is automatically posted on the @4H_History twitter account. You will receive a tweet from @4H_History within minutes of the article being released.

Subscribing to the Twitter feed is as easy as clicking on the ‘Follow 4H_History’ button found on the right margin of all of the News Service pages.


A Facebook presence was established in July of 2015 at /4H.History. Like the Twitter feed, anytime an article is released to the News Service, it is automatically re-posted on the Facebook page.


Many of the videos listed in the 4-H History Preservation Film Archive are also available through our YouTube presence at

4-H History Preservation News Service

The News Service publishes stories about 4-H history several times a week. The stories pertain to historical 4-H persons, sites, events and programs. The New Service is located at http://4-HHistoryPreservation/News/. When a new article is released via the news service, it is automatically published to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When you have the News Service on your screen, you will see options on the right side of the screen to subscribe to the Twitter feed. If you don’t use Twitter, there is also an option to subscribe using your E-Mail address. The E-Mail subscription will automatically send a message the following day with all of the previous days releases. You will not see more than one E-Mail notice per day.

Tech Notes

If you are familiar with RSS syndicated feeds, you may subscribe to the 4-H History Preservation News Service using RSS. Each page on the system has the feed information built in. Depending on your web browser, you may see the ‘Subscribe’ button light up on your tool bar. If you don’t see the Subscribe button, click on ‘Bookmarks’ and look for the ‘Subscribe’ option.

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