From a 4-H Clover Poster to . . .

4-H_StoreFront_LogoFBGL_1919-09_Pg_24For those who shop on the 4-H Mall, you’ll be happy to hear that this 90-year-old 4-H institution has created a “mini-store” called the 4-H StoreFront that now accepts PayPal as well as other major credit cards. The 4-H StoreFront features a small selection of the 4-H Mall product listing, but the list of products available there will continue to grow over the coming months. To visit their new shopping channel, visit

Additionally, the 4-H StoreFront site also allows for the purchase and redemption of gift cards. These gift cards can only be purchased and redeemed on the 4-H StoreFront site. The gift cards are digital and are available in increments of $10, $25, $50, and $100.

The National 4-H Supply Service was launched in 1925 by the National Committee on Boys’ and Girls’ Club Work as a central, non-profit source of supplies, furnishing members and leaders with the pins, labels and stickers they needed to foster a sense of belonging and public awareness of the 4-H movement.

The Supply Service’s very first item was a color poster of the 4-H clover which had gained support through the efforts of Gertrude Warren and other extension leaders as the insignia of boys’ and girls’ club work.

To learn more about the history of this important resource to the 4-H Program; visit