National 4-H Center Becomes a Reality 16, 1959 is a date etched high up on the calendar of 4-H history. It was on that day that President Dwight D. Eisenhower stepped onto the portico of then-Smith Hall and cut the green and white ribbons hanging between the two center pillars, officially opening the National 4-H Club Center.

He had just finished addressing an audience of more than 800 people, including delegates and leaders attending the 29th National 4-H Club Conference, at which time he said, “I am here just because I like the 4-H’ers.” “…because they are dedicated to do things better.

As long as we have young people of these characteristics, devoted with their hearts and their heads and their hands and their health to doing these things, America cannot be anything but successful.”

The President was assisted in cutting the ribbon by Anita Hollimer, 4-H member from New York, and Larry Dilda, 4-H member from North Carolina. Miss Hollimer presided during the morning ceremony and Dilda gave the invocation.

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