Partner with Us to Design a 4-H History Staff Development Component

4-H has been at the forefront of experimental and experiential youth education since its very inception. Understanding the evolutionary history of 4-H has been shown to enhance the knowledge of this educational youth development base for both professional staff and volunteer leaders; hence our theme “Preserve 4-H History, the Foundation of our Future.” This history reflects exciting “Learn by Doing” programs and methodology which is still relevant for designing contemporary 4-H Youth education. Learning the progressive best practices in 4-H history can further strengthen the structure and delivery of today’s programs.

The National 4-H History Preservation Team would like to partner with one or more states to develop and pilot-test a history component as an integral part of staff development curriculum. The Team invites you to:

1. Identify any 4-H history content currently being used in your state; and

2. Identify 4-H staff who may have interest in partnering with the Team to design a 4-H History Component as a base for future staff development.

The 4-H History Team has digitized volumes of documents, photographs and instructional materials on the history website as well as compiled histories in a number of national programs to contribute to this knowledge base.

Please send your information about current 4-H History components in your staff development curriculum and/or indication that you would like to partner with us to


Learning about the many successful 4-H promotions and programs of the past can help professionals and volunteers in making their programs relevant to today’s audiences.