4-H World Broadcast

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1945 College All-Stars vc Green Bay Packers Ticket

4-H World Broadcast

On August 30, 1945 4-H Club work got into the spotlight during the broadcast of the College All-Stars vs. Green Bay Packers’ annual football classic known as the College All-Star game. The game was aired over Mutual’s coast-to-coast network of 239 stations, and short waved to the Armed Forces over the world.

The broadcast was a service of Wilson Sporting Goods Company. It included a short talk by Thomas E. Wilson. While Mr. Wilson, long time chairman of the National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work (now National 4-H Council), was widely known as chairman of Wilson Meat Packing Corporation, one of the top meat packers in the country, it was much less known that he was also the founder and chairman of Wilson Sporting Goods Company.

In paying tribute to the nation’s youth and to the benefits of competitive sports during the broadcast, Mr. Wilson said: “I have seen America’s youth in competitive action many times. I have seen them in the 4-H Clubs where, in friendly but spirited competition, they fight for leadership in farm and home projects.

“I have seen them on our play fields and in our stadiums, engaged in the rugged sports and games of our country. I have seen them at work and at play in modern industry. And I, for one, have supreme faith in them.”

[It may also be noted that the game ended as Green Bay Packers 19, College All-Stars 7.]

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