National 4-H Promotion Compendium is Launched

N4-HC_AR_2013_Pg6A project that has been a year in the making is now up on the National 4-H History Preservation website… A National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility. It is comprised of a number of selected short stories which stand alone. Many are stories of significant 4-H promotion or visibility at the national level over the past century. Others are examples that relay an impactful or heart-warming story covered in the media and a part of 4-H promotion simply because they should not be “lost to history.”

While there are well over 100 stories represented with this initial launch, the Promotion Compendium will be an ongoing project, adding stories as they are researched or come to our attention.

The national 4-H history leadership team encourages all our readers to take some time… scroll down through these stories for your reading pleasure. Some may bring back memories, while others we’re sure you’ve never heard about before. You can go to the Compendium directly at

We will also be highlighting some of these stories in the 4-H History News Service during the weeks and months ahead.

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