Information on National Collegiate 4-H Organization Sought

700_000036_001Can anyone tell us what (if anything) has happened to the National Collegiate 4-H Organization? We know that Collegiate 4-H Clubs still exist on some university campuses. But we’re having trouble locating and hooking up with the once-active National Organization. Clearly, Collegiate 4-H Clubs are guardians of troves of 4-H history; hence our interest in establishing a working relationship.

The National 4-H History Preservation Team is interested in receiving any recently-updated history of Collegiate 4-H Clubs, including its national organization. The written description that currently appears on your National 4-H History Preservation website under this heading is a PDF copy of part of the material appearing on the Nation Collegiate 4-H Organization website when it was closed in 2010.

If you have a Collegiate 4-H Club on your campus (or parents/agents/leaders, if you know of one), please share our contact information with its leadership so that they can help reclaim the history of this important group. We welcome any 4-H Collegiate groups to help us update and expand the significance of Collegiate 4-H Club history on your National 4-H History Preservation website. Contact the National 4-H History Preservation Team at if you have ideas or wish to volunteer for this project.