Newest National 4-H Publication Already Considered 4-H History

Last week National 4-H Council announced the availability of the new 2014 National 4-H Supply Catalog. The colorful catalog offers hundreds of items displaying the 4-H name and emblem to help support and enhance the 4-H program with greater visibility at club meetings and events, at the fair and 4-H camps. There are items for 4-H members, leaders, parents, Extension agents and alumni.

And, the catalog is now posted on the national 4-H history preservation website in the printed media archives. Visit:

So why is something merely a week old considered history? It falls under the category of contemporary history… relevant things that are produced today must be saved just like something that is 20, 40 or 60 years old. Too much of 4-H history has been lost over the past century. One of the goals of the National 4-H History Preservation Program is to remind people to save the current “history” as well.

The National 4-H History Preservation Program can be contacted at: