4-H Sheet Music Compilation Added to 4-H History Website

4-H_Related_MusicDr. Danny Crew has recently sent the National 4-H History Preservation team a copy of his illustrated bibliography,  “Collection of 4-H Related Sheet Music, Song Books and Song Sheets” which was added today to the Sheet Music section of the Books and Printed Materials Archive on the 4-H History website.

The document shows the covers of many pieces of sheet music and song books and gives the background on each – a great resource!  Danny Crew was a member of 4-H in the 1960’s. He is an avid collector of old sheet music and has published a number of books on the subject. One of the areas he collects is 4-H sheet music, currently having over 85 pieces of sheet music and music books.

Dr. Crew is currently City Manager for the city of Miami Gardens, Florida. The history team appreciates receiving the bibliography and plans on keeping Danny involved as we move ahead in expanding the segment on 4-H music on the website.

You may view the document at http://4-hhistorypreservation.com/media.asp#MT-100