Smith-Lever Act Centennial

Voice of 4-H History Poster2014 is the Centennial of the Smith-Lever Act, which provided federal funding for the Cooperative Extension Service and, thereby, 4-H programs nationwide.  To mark this significant milestone, the National 4-H History Preservation Program is debuting “Voices of Extension History,” drawing on the success of “Voices of 4-H History.”  The program is rolling out at the GALAXY IV Conference in Pittsburgh, September 15-19.  With all Extension professional associations meeting together, it’s a perfect place to illustrate how 4-H’ers, rapidly learning to document 4-H History through our own “Voices” project, can record and broadcast the vitally important impact made on America’s development by the Cooperative Extension Service.  4-H members are now producing “4-H History” films; from here, they can extend their reach to “Extension History” and document that meaningful impact.Besides news about our participation n GALAXY IV, this month’s Newsletter encourages linking the myriad 4-H History websites, records the dedication of Danforth Court’s “American Girl” statue, includes fun activities to honor the historic legacy of 4-H songs, and seeks help with the Report to the Nation Team.  How can you not click to enter?

4-H National History Preservation Newsletter…

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