New Film Directory on 4-H History Site

Films documenting 4-H projects and events, and telling the personal stories of 4-H members, go back before the 1920’s. Even at the earliest stages, these efforts provided a variety of purposes. Some simply were produced to promote the 4-H movement… to show the benefits of becoming a 4-H member. Others were educational or instructional, often centering in on a particular 4-H project area. And, still others were produced for sheer entertainment. Many of the films were produced on location. Some were even made by Hollywood! Regardless of its origin, nearly every film showed accomplishments of young people and how 4-H affected both the family and the community.

Over 80 4-H films have been identified and placed in the website database. Now, the 4-H history preservation team is scouring the country looking for copies of these films to digitize so they can be accessible to everyone through the site.

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National 4-H History Preservation Program