Make a 4-H Heritage Quilt

The National 4-H History Preservation team is planning to have a section on the 4-H Collecting website – – relating to 4-H Heritage Quilts. If you have already made a 4-H Heritage Quilt, we’d like to hare your suggestions on planning and creating such a quilt. It can be a generic 4-H history quilt, a quilt relating to the 4-H heritage in your state, your county or your club. If your family has had active 4-H members or leaders for several generations; how about a family heritage 4-H quilt?

What we are seeking are the procedures, the thought process, types of materials, assemblage, the do’s and don’ts of how to create a personal 4-H heritage quilt “masterpiece”. Of course we’d also like you to share photos and any other hints that could help other create their 4-H Heritage Quilts.

Any assistance, suggestions or references would be appreciated. Send to:

From National 4-H Heritage Preservation Program.

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